Green Lake for Kids

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Green Lake Park Scenic Treasure Hunt (for kids)

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Whether you are a kid or just young at heart, challenge yourself--or challenge your friends for even more fun--to find all 18 of the scenes and objects on this page and the "Green Lake Scenes" page while paddling around Kunming's Green Lake. I created this "digital treasure hunt" for my son's birthday party in 2008; the official rules are posted at the bottom of this page. So, print this photo-sheet on A4 paper, grab a camera and some friends, and embark on a one-hour maritime adventure!

Green Lake Digital Treasure Hunt


Challenge your friends to travel around the lake, taking pictures of all 18 scenes shown on these two pages (Green Lake for Kids and Green Lake Scenes). Each boat load (with two to four people) should leave five minutes apart, and should return within one hour. Photos on the "Green Lake Scenes" page should be framed as closely as possible to resemble the sample photos (so notice what is at the top, bottom, and sides of the photos, and move your boat and/or camera zoom to give you this view). Shots on this page (Green Lake for Kids) can be framed at a different angle or close-up range (within reason!). Use the "automatic" setting and don't worry about the exposure (light/dark); the framing of the photo is more important than picture quality. If you can't get the exact same shot, just do the best you can. But if your opponent's photo is "closer to the original" than yours, you may lose up to five points for that shot.


You have exactly one hour from the time you pay for the boat. The boatkeeper's computer will decide if you are back within an hour; if not, they will charge extra, and the people in that boat get a 50-point penalty. SO WATCH YOUR WATCH!


You win on points, so find an impartial judge who can compare your photos to the photo-sheets when you are finished. The photos are worth 10 points each. Once all boats are back, the game is over. Have your judge examine the photos (perhaps while everyone enjoys pizza or some other treat) and decide who is the winner.

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