Christmas 2006

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Christmas in China (2006)

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We enjoying sharing Christmas traditions with our friends. Here are some photos from Christmas 2006 in Kunming. (Click here to see photos from former Christmases.) Click here for an article called "Who is Santa Claus" and here for an article that tells about the first Christmas (the root of this wonderful holiday).

Gimli's first crowd was this group of former students and current classmates who came to help decorate our Christmas tree on Dec 3, the first Sunday of Advent. Michael is handing out ornaments and explaining the ones with special stories. We all had a good time, and Gimli behaved well around all these strangers. The inset photos show Andrew sitting in her playpen, and a student helping to entertain her. Gimli also slept a lot of the time.




The second Sunday of Advent was game night. However, it must have been a busy night for students because only one showed up. Nonetheless, we played Life (including Gimli) and all had a great time.


Andrew lost the game, but he enjoys finally being taller than our students!

We watched It's a Wonderful Life on the third Sunday of Advent, but before the show our students helped Vivian put together gift bags for some of the orphans we help in Yunnan.

Andrew's school put on a nice Christmas pageant in late December. Andrew is the middle shepherd (in a dark red cape); he also helped move things in the dark between scenes.

On Dec. 23, Michael got to go with local friends to a Miao minority village, to enjoy their Christmas celebration. We had rented two buses (the one in the photo is a police coach), drove about 1.5 hours down the "Burma Road," and then hiked 45 minutes up into the hills. The village brothers and sisters had made us a delicious meal, and then three choirs performed several Christmas songs, including selections from Handel's Messiah. It was truly a beautiful celebration!


Once we finally arrived, the people warmly welcomed us with joyful songs. The scenery up on the mountain was beautiful; as we passed this barn, the lowing cows reminded me of the first Christmas, and of the manger which served as Jesus' first bed. It was a powerful reminder that Christmas is about the Almighty becoming one of us, and coming into our world out of love for common people like those we enjoyed fellowship with that day.

Vivian caught this "could it be?" expression as Andrew opened an electronic component for a remote-control Lego car he has wanted for a long time. He couldn't believe it was actually under our Christmas tree. On the right, he finishes building the car, and then adapts it to help "sweep" under the sofa!

Gimli got a few presents, too (we found an "indestructible Kong toy" in Hong Kong), and she helped open our presents by tearing the paper off! It was both her first Christmas, and the one-month anniversary of her arrival in our family.

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