Former Christmases

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Christmas in China (Former Christmases)

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Christmas is always fun, but one of the great things about being in China is getting to share Christmas with people who are less familiar with all the stories and traditions. Since so much is "new" to them, it makes everything new to us every year! We began the 2005 season by having students over to our new apartment every Sunday night during advent. On two of the nights we played board games (above), pausing for a few minutes in the middle to light an advent candle and talk about its significance. The second Sunday of Advent, we had students over to help decorate the tree and then enjoy a pancake supper!

Some of the teachers that Michael teaches came over for a movie on the fourth Sunday of Advent. We also had students over to watch The Grinch in late December (below).

The biggest gift for all of us was a place to live! If you saw the photo of our cramped on-campus room, you'll understand how grateful we were to have 100 square meters of living space! Michael's parents were very generous in helping to furnish the place, giving us a fridge, washer, and big TV.


 Christmas came early for Michael when the desk he designed arrived. This gift was also a gift to the local deaf Christians who crafted it--it is difficult for handicapped people to find good jobs here, so we patronize these brothers and sisters' shop whenever possible. (They do wonderful work! They also made our new Tree Skirt and Advent Wall Calendar.) Vivian's Christmas came a few days late in the form of a new Dell computer. She's been using Michael's old laptop for about two years, and it has been giving her a lot of trouble lately. Besides, with all the work she is doing for the local Jian Hua team, this tool will get lots of use! Andrew enjoyed a new supply of Lego--his favorite building-block toy.

On Christmas Day we spent the evening on campus, sharing the songs and stories of Christmas with over 50 students.

The photo on the left shows students trying to decide which prize to claim after winning at Christmas Bingo! The crowd was small compared to those who have attended similar events at NPU for the past three years (photo below was at NPU in 2004), but NPU has a lot more students who are interested in learning English. Nonetheless, we had a great time, and it was fun to share the holiday with our new friends.

Click here for photos of Christmas 2006

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