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Our Wedding

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Vivian and Michael were married in South Carolina in 1989. Since Michael was approaching 30, he was beginning to wonder if he'd ever find that Special Someone, and then along came Vivian (and her daughter Beth, who was 13 at the time!). We met at church, and our faith has been an important part of our family from the very beginning.

Vivian's family, including (left to right) sister, parents, nephew & niece, and uncle/aunt. Beth is in front of Michael.

Michael's family traveled from Georgia and Florida to celebrate with us (from the left, back row: uncle, brother-in-law & sister, parents, two cousins and a spouse; middle row from left: brother and his family, aunt, grandmother, and aunt/uncle).

In America, you'll find lavish weddings that cost a fortune, and simple weddings that depend on the love of friends and family more than a credit card. Ours was the latter. We had very little money, and didn't want us or relatives to have to borrow money for our wedding, so we did everything "low budget".

(Left) This beautiful wedding cake was made by Vivian's mom (it was a hobby!), the refreshments at the reception (center photo) were from local supermarkets or made by friends, and Vivian even sewed her own dress (and Beth's and Vivian's sister's dress) to save money. Michael wore his suit instead of renting a tuxedo. Michael managed a photo-finishing store at the time, and friends took/processed the official pictures. But the large crowd of well-wishers didn't seem to enjoy the wedding any less than if we'd spent thousands. It was a beautiful day, shared by many friends and relatives. (Right photo) After the wedding ceremony, guests gather to eat the cake and other refreshments, while the bride and groom greet guests. Here, Vivian gets a hug from a favorite uncle.


To save money on our honeymoon, we stayed at Michael's parents' "summer home" in Georgia. They had a small boat (see below, or on our Georgia page), which we got to take out on Lake Lanier a few times, and we also visited scenic spots in the area, such as Stone Mountain State Park (shown left and center). (Right) The day after our wedding was a Sunday, so we got dressed up to visit a local church--we wanted to get our marriage off to a good start, which meant putting our Faith first!

The happy couple on their wedding day.

Michael's parents let us use their big 1978 Mercury (remember that this was 1989) and small boat during the honeymoon, which meant getting the boat in and out of the lake--which is not as easy as it sounds, especially when the car decides not to start!

Pretty flowers for a pretty lady on our one-month anniversary.

At Michael's Uncle's house during our honeymoon, and 24 years later--still in love!!

Someday I hope to scan and put up more of our wedding photos, but for now I'll simply share two pages from Vivian's on-line scrapbooks. For more of these beautiful pages, visit Vivian's photo scrapbook here:

The last photo above was taken on our 20th wedding anniversary, which we celebrated with a trip to Guilin (2009).


Finally, these photos are from Beth's first wedding. I liked them too much to completely delete them from my website! From left to right: getting ready with the help of Mom and Grandma Krigline; "Do I have to wear this stupid penguin suit?"; the cake that Grandma All and cousin Cheryl made; one last hug from Dad before the wedding.

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