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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Welcome to the website for Michael & Vivian Krigline

If you are teaching English, learning English, interested in China or want to see photos from China or the USA,

then you have come to the right place!

Michael has been teaching English in China since 2000, and currently lectures at Xiamen University.

 ◘ 从2000年, 林老师在中国担任英语老师; 正在在厦门大学讲课。 ◘

◘  If you don't live in China (or if pages look incomplete), www.krigline.com might load faster  ◘  介绍中国 

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Michael & Vivian Krigline, along with son Andrew (visiting for Christmas 2011, from his university in Ohio); beautiful Xiamen is in the background, with Xiamen University's tallest building right in the center.

Michael and Vivian became grandparents in December 2010, and again in June 2012!

(Click here for baby pictures)


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Find Vivian's photo scrapbook here:



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About us: This is the personal website of the Krigline family: Americans who have been "teaching and learning" in China since 2000. All photos and materials are 2013 Michael Krigline unless otherwise noted. We maintain this site primarily for the benefit of our friends in China, and to provide our friends around the globe with a taste of China--in the hope of building greater understanding between the people of the West and the East. 


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