Shanghai Memories

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Memories from the two years we lived in Shanghai (2000-2002).

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Many Shanghai people visit English Corners regularly (in all types of weather!) to practice their English. We also participated several times each month and came to know many of the “regulars.”

Some 50-75 friends (many from English Corner) crammed into our 2001 Christmas "Drop In!"

Several times a year Michael brought his guitar and sang to an appreciative English Corner crowd. At "normal" times Vivian and Michael would field questions on a variety of topics, and sometimes Andrew even had his own crowd of admirers! It can really be a lot of fun!

The five friends we spent the most time with in Shanghai were originally Michael's students. When the institute had to cancel classes (due to "technical difficulties") we decided to keep meeting socially! Vivian snapped this photo after one of the nice dinners we shared.


In 2003, we enjoyed a reunion with three of our "Shanghai Five" (below--at Pizza Hut; two had married and moved to Canada). We also got to spend time a again with our dear Shanghai housekeeper (far right below).

One of the above students invited us to her beautiful wedding (left). During the evening Chris had to change her gown three times (traditional Chinese red, western white, and high-fashion Shanghai styles)!


This was taken at Chris's house-warming party.


Bright (far right) served us when we opened an Internet account and this led to a wonderful friendship. Here we dine with his cousin who is visiting from out of town.

Shuo Pei was Michael's first student, and they quickly became good friends. He was studying in Switzerland for part of our time in Shanghai, but we got back in touch when he returned. This was taken on National Day before we headed out to face the crowds!

Christmas Day, 2000

(Left) We also liked to entertain folks in our cozy apartment. Here friends from six countries sing Christmas carols around our electric keyboard.



Vivian and Amy became friends at English Corner. Here Vivian is presenting a graduation present before Amy returned to her home in Northwest China.

About 20 former IEP students joined our 2001 
Christmas "Reunion."

Michael & Andrew visit the Grace orphanage they helped to build and support (through offerings to the Shanghai Int'l Fellowship; see archives Dec 2000).

Believers from dozens of nations meet weekly to share their love, sing together and learn how to apply the Bible to their lives.

(Above) Michael frequently got the chance to sing and share with hundreds of friends at the Shanghai International Fellowship (Left). This even led to the recording of a special CD!

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