Xiamen-Bo Bing game

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Chinese Holiday Handout

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Xiamen's Bo-bing "Gambling for Mooncakes" Game

Western friends have asked how to play this game, which is very popular in Xiamen during the Mid-Autumn Festival (15th day of the 8th lunar month--early fall). You can find information on line in places like www.xiamenguide.com, but I couldn't find a "picture" of the prize levels so I've put together the following information. Print this info on an A4 sheet of paper and try it! Each player simply rolls all six dice (into a glass bowl), then everyone cheers if they "win"--and they cheer especially loud if someone wins at the No 1 level!

     September 2012    Michael Krigline     www.krigline.com


Variations: You could also play by keeping score (#6 gets one point, #5 two points, etc), or by giving each player the above "score sheet"--the first person to roll ALL levels wins! Since you've got at least five dice, you can also learn to play the western game called Yahtzee! I found rules and a score card by typing "Yahtzee" into Google.


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